Two Mountains Photography Exhibition Opening Reception.

A month ago, The reason why I am in Tokyo out of a sudden is because. To attend an Opening Reception and also gallery talk on the 6th October at ESpace Kuu Gallery located at Taisho University.

Video Interview started at 4pm, conduct by Bob from redTanpopo.
[still waiting for the video, hehe]

After the Interview done, Gallery talk between 5 Photographer and 2 Curator starts from 5pm for an hour where we exchange and share our work to those who attend.

After the gallery talks done, opening reception officially starts where everyone mingle around and also asking a few question about our work of series.

Last but not least, group photo with those who involve who make the exhibition reception happening. 

Would like to thanks everyone who I invited come to the opening reception. And also feeling grateful to Naoko-san for giving the opportunity to showcase my Gayo Ngaran Portrait Series. Steven for trusting me to photograph different side of Mount Kinabalu as part of the Two Mountain Collaboration series.

Before am gonna end this post, I visited the gallery again 2 days later to have a good look on each work and also photograph the gallery for remembrance.