Personal Folio : Short Session with Caster.

This photos was taken back in July. And also the first project where I will randomly shoot a model/talent in a selected location in a very spontaneous way. This is where my upcoming folio begin.

The first person I randomly contacted is a friend of mine, who I’ve photographed her for almost everyday for a week when I’m working for a e-commerce fashion company.

We set a date, pick her up. Go to my favourite open studio around Kota Kinabalu area.

I always try to combine Commercial and Editorial into my spontaneous Photoshoot so that the photos can integrated both side.

So when everytime I transfer the image and select via lightroom and do some minor color adjustment and also subtle retouch.

The ideas and imagination is already there.

So far I already photographed 6 talent. Maybe 4 more and I think I can compile it into a book.

Maybe I should start travel across South East Asia?
Lemme think about it?