Personal Folio : Throwback in Seoul with Kevin.

Back in April, I went for a long 1 month break in Tokyo and decide to visit Seoul after that for 10 days. Since it’s my first time visit, I felt like I’m in a foreign country with weird square foreign character.

Well, it takes me 4 hours to memorize the Hangul. I can read but I don’t understand a single word of it. I miss the food and the surround, it’s a very different vibe from Tokyo. A little bit noisy and hilly metropolitan, not as clean but it has the character.

Since I have lots of free-time beside wandering around searching for good food, decide to have a short photoshoot session.

Kevin, contacted me via ModelMayhem. We set a date, meet up in Dongdaemun Design Plaza and here are the result of the photoshoot :

South Korea is a developed country. Very developed. Technology wise, they are the innovator.

One of top Soft Power where Entertainment industry are accessible to view all over the globe. Somehow it is still fresh with it comes to creative market, lots of nice design. Very contemporary with lots of european/american influence.

Just found out only a few Photo Agencies opens like a year or 2, in Seoul. Very fresh, but the only down thing is majority of the Roster are Korean.
I respect that, they helping their own people. But I believe it will be very bland, 2d kind of market and very competitive within their own people.

That’s why it’s very common to see a few Korean ended up migrating to other country due to that pressure, like no matter how good are you but you have to wait for the opportunity to expose your talent. Everyone Koreans are queueing up.

Thus, lack of opportunity.
I wish the Korean themselves open up a little bit and let the creative flow. It is fun to see two ideas combine into one place. You’ll never know something magnificent will create when you let people do their stuff.

Will I visit Seoul again?
For sure, the food is in my top list. Their Jokbal, Fried Chicken and also Kalguksu is my go to list if I got the chance to visit Seoul again.

What about working with the locals there?
I am still unsure. The people are somehow xenophobic, competitive within their own market with lack of seeing creative rather than networking. Maybe in the future? If all goes well with my plan?

Hope you enjoy this post.
Oh yeah, everyone should visit Dongdaemun during Sunset on Spring.
You’ll thank me later. 🙂