Some changes on my Studio visiting and Photography Service for 2024.

As some of you already know from my previous post,
I will be focusing more on personal photography projects in the year 2024.

I will share the details, not really big one but what I will do with a little bit of explanation after this post.

For this post, I will be sharing the changes about my Studio and also the streamlining of my photography services.

Photo Studio / Studio Visiting

Studio visits are now by appointment only. Feel free to contact me at least a few days in advance to check my availability to ensure I can accommodate your visit as I will be away on a personal photography project.

Refinement of my Photography Services

With a little bit of a hiccup and last-minute booking that led to self-disappointment and also clientele not happy with the result and also I will be creating more personal work this year. I’ve streamlined the type of Photography service for prospects in Kota Kinabalu.

  • Professional Passport Photos

Introducing a new service for those seeking a polished professional passport photo with high-quality lighting and precise editing. Booking in advance is recommended.

  • Family Portraits

Continuing to offer family and individual portrait sessions. Family portrait packages now include a complimentary long-lasting A3 photo frame. Additional frames and photo books are available as add-ons.

  • Professional Individual Portraits

Open to both corporate and personal branding needs, this service provides a minimum of 10 unique images for your own marketing, media and branding purposes.

  • Commercial Photography

Focusing on three core services:
– Product Photography (Ideal for brands needing 8 to 10 images for marketing and branding purposes.)
– Food Photography (Focuses on a maximum of 8 main dishes for menus or marketing. Repeat customers receive a 30% discount, with potential price adjustments for more than 10 dishes.)
– Architecture Photography (Tailored for developers or real estate professionals seeking professional photographs to showcase their buildings’ architecture or interior, including drone shots.)

For Commercial Photography, the date of confirmation requires at least one to two weeks’ notice. A 50% deposit is necessary to secure your booking before the agreement is finalized.

Prioritizing Quality and Preparation

Although it may take a bit more time, I believe in the importance of thorough preparation for commercial projects. This approach ensures a seamless production process, reducing the likelihood of any issues arising.

And also this is a better choice for me personally to protect myself since I am an independent photographer without any team to help me produce the quality I want.

For those who are interested, you may download the Rate Card link

Or I will embed the pdf file below for you to have a look:

Have a good day