Across Sabah

It’s already February 2024, I do feel the time past so fast compared to last year for no reason.

Flanegan Bainon's Mount Kinabalu

I am back and want to share you something exciting. I will embark my Across Sabah journey soon.
To make it short, it is not a discovery journey or searching identity like what I did from my previous work.

This Photography is more towards travelling across the state or some people say, the region of Sabah in the northern part of Borneo Island and capture the current state of the place.

It’s like an homage for Robert Frank’s The Americans, Richard Avedon’s American West or Moriyama Daido’s Hokkaido Photobook where they travel across the country and photograph what is USA back in the days.

The last proper work I’ve seen about Photographer or Researcher capture and freeze the time of British North Borneo back in the days before they rename to Sabah when form a new country called the Federation of Malaysia was a British Officer who are based here, his name is G.C Wooley if I am not mistaken.

And also those who know more, please do share that maybe someone did a document about the past of Sabah in a book during the pre-chartered, pre-colonial and post war time. So far I haven’t found a proper one since the collection of G.C Wooley where you can have a look at Sabah Museum.

Flanegan Bainon Photo Exhibition, Faces of Gayo Ngaran.

I will begin the first phase of Across Sabah from the Southwest side all the way to Capital city due to time constraint and will continue all the way to either Northwest or all the way to the East side. It will be phases by phases that last between 3 nights or 5 nights depends on my free availability.

I am also open for everyone who are interested to be my Art Patreon, where you can fund me to cover expenses such as Accommodation and Petrol. If I earn extra, I can use it to hire other creative people especially Videographer or Filmmaker who can follow me and document the journey. You never know, maybe I can submit it for a short film festival and the director or the judge of the festival interested with it.

So ya, the first phase I will share it on my social media account. Instagram, TikTok and Facebook about the journey in short reels. As for the behind the scenes and some selected photograph, I think I will create an account exclusively for anyone who are interested to join the journey.

Oh ya! This will be a very long-term project. Definitely I will release the first volume of the photobook/zine and it will continue down the line until Volume 5 or 6. Then I will continue on a new photography work.

Hope you are excited as me too.
Imagine 30-50 years down the road what will change and will the future of the people expectation this is how a place called Sabah looked like back in 2024 to 2029?