2024 Fresh Chapter Begins

As you delve into this blog, it’s penned on the eve of 2024, mere hours before the calendar flips. Reflecting on the past four years, not diving into every detail, but rather seeing 2024 as the inception of a revitalized chapter.

As I approach 38, an age where many settle into the rhythm of family life, I find myself contemplating how to revel in my existence as an artist. With my grandparents and parents thriving well into their late 60s, I estimate around 20-22 years ahead. Even with health precautions, perhaps an additional 6-8 years.

Marriage, once a potential priority, now takes a backseat.

From 38 onwards, the focus shifts to personal endeavours and serving as a guide to others in the realm of visual and media arts.

In the upcoming four years, until I turn 42, my aspiration is to see the completion of several photography and art projects under my name. A blend with Art Installations, offering an opportunity to showcase my work in galleries or secure recognition through Art Fellowships and Artist Residencies.

Stay tuned for more updates on this new expedition.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.