Sabah FC Jersey Launch Photoshoot

Had the opportunity to Photograph for Sabah Football Club (Sabah FC) for their Jersey Launch last Friday, 2 days before the official launch.

Behind the Scene photo & video:

The last time I had a proper studio Photoshoot with proper lighting was back in 2017. The feeling of joy in photograph suddenly comes into me reminiscence of the time when I was an active photographer every day.

I wish I can return back time and cherish the moment. But things change for better or worst and I have to accept the consequence. The photography industry is changing very fast.

This time is a team effort where the Media Team of Sabah FC, where I am part of really work hard to make things smooth and fast in producing great result.

A day before the photoshoot, I got called to visit the printing shop to document jersey number print and also create a simple 20 seconds video ads for the shop as their sponsor.

I’m making sure on the technical part of the visual photo and video aspect where photo/video editor and graphic designer have no issue with the photos once I submit the image to them.

My friend Fahad did the graphic this time and the social media aesthetic value increased a lot since we’re taking part of the Media Team.

Here’s the final outcome from the photoshoot:

I’ll be flying off joining Sabah FC for their away matches and hopefully there’ll be a lot of interesting behind the scene videos and photos.

Group Photo of Sabah FC Media Team for year 2021:

You can spot me without the jersey. No size available for me, lol.

Before I want to end this post, here’s a video of Media Team Behind the Scene during the Jersey Launching last Sunday. Enjoy!