Kota Kinabalu in 2011

When I still have my Ricoh GR3 with me and smartphone is still a mobile phone without apps. I always bring my Ricoh with me everywhere I go.

I almost have something to do in the city center and I always spare some time to take some street photos once I’m done with my chorus.

A Man taking his break in Api-Api before continue his work.

Come to think of it, I did capture some nice spontaneous photos out of it.

Personally, I see this photograph really represent the daily street life of my hometown. This was before the Tourism Booming where thousand of tourist from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan can be seen easily wandering around the city.

I am glad I captured this kind of moment.
The locals probably don’t appreciate this kind of untold stories but I believe once they started to open their mind and ask themselves about their own home and memories.

They will somehow, appreciate that time.

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