Website Revamp

It’s been almost 5 years, I believe am using the same design to showcase my photo work. After spending a lot of time browsing other designer’s work and also look through some of the photography book I purchase and the thought of revamping my current work and design. Especially on the responsive side where almost half of the visitor browsing using their smartphone according to my google analytics.

Since I know how to do Web Design. Why not?

After checking through my folio. Shortlisted and select for the revamp.
I come up with a simple layout how the website will look like. I want it to look like a photobook version of a website.

Thus, once you visit the first page will be a fullscreen of my selected work I think it fits my style and also the aesthetic.
I want the viewer to enjoy for a couple of second looking at the photo before enter to the real page.

It’s like a Screensaver, you can leave it while go to the pantry to make some coffee.

Once am done with all the desktop layout, it is time for me to ensure the website is mobile friendly.
Am very happy with the flow and the look on the mobile side.

The user can just look at the photo and scroll down looking through all my work. One thing I decide to make it big is the image size, thus you see there’s no white border or only less than 10px.

I want the photo to be large view than what you see on instagram mobile or even facebook.

Owning your work and your space virtually is really important because at the end of the day when someone search you on Search Engine. Your own domain appear.

Yes, having your own Social Media account somewhat is an essential too because they have their own eco-system of search engine. But it is too saturated and the purpose of having one is become very blurry.

I questioned myself a lot.. The most like and the algorithm always choose the imitation work. The beautiful and good photographer work always hidden deep and underappreciate because the audience just love to see what they want to see or what they can imitate.. Basically, just follow the trend.

I did change the layout of my diary/blog too. The flow sync well with my new website.

Do have a look and share around, especially if you know someone who is in the creative agencies.