Photography Workshop with Fujifilm Malaysia

On the 19th of October, Fujifilm Malaysia invited me to conduct a Basic Indoor Portrait Photography workshop organised by UCSF (University College of Sabah Foundation). I can say this is one of a kind where camera brands come in and have this kind of workshop in Kota Kinabalu for quite some time.

The Workshop was held at the UCSF Building with less than 20 students from the college itself along with SIA (Sabah Institute of Art, my alma mater) and ATI (Asian Tourism Institution).

I hope the students learn something useful although I know not everyone will end up or want to become a Photographer as their career. Some will be in the Animation industry, Graphic Design or even Interior Design. At least they have a tidbit of knowledge on how they can apply within their speciality once they begin their career after graduation.

Other than me sharing the fundamentals of Indoor Portrait. The students got the chance to try different models of Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

It is fun to see the students have fun with the camera.
One unique thing about Fujifilm is the design of the camera system where the aperture dials and button is very different compared to other brands.

Hope I can conduct more Photography workshops in the upcoming future. Yes, everyone can learn online right now. Besides sharing the technique, it is good to share my stories and experiences also to everyone who is an inspiring photographer.

It is not an easy pathway and a lot of people have to give up and find another way to survive.