It’s been 2 months in…

It may not be a grand milestone, but 2 months have quietly passed by since the opening of my photo office. Gratitude wells up within me for the unwavering support of my friends, who have lent their helping hands in spreading the word about my services. Owning a photography business in a small city like Kota Kinabalu is no walk in the park, I’ve come to realize.

Due to the small size of our city, I’ve come to the sobering realisation that my pricing might not be in line with everyone’s expectations here. I’m at the moment thinking about and analysing, keen to discover a photography niche where I can make use of my present knowledge without having to start from fresh. It’s disheartening to consider that I’ve devoted the past 15 years to mastering my craft just to risk undervaluing the many different kinds of local arts and cultures.

I’m determined to uphold the value of the creative accomplishments made by the independent local craftspeople and artists who, like me, are trying to leave their stamp on the region. I’ve also been careful about resisting offers of reductions since I understand how essential it is to respect the talented creators around me.

However, I’m really anticipating spending more time on personal projects while carefully building my online presence. Surprisingly, a lot of my friends continue to think that I live abroad. It’s time for me to clear up this misunderstanding and clarify that I am clearly based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

View of Sunset from my Office Window

As you can see in the picture, my photo studio gradually comes to life as I arrange some of the artwork that is hanging on the wall. I’ll probably keep adding till I’m happy with it.

If you are in Kota Kinabalu and want to drop by visit my Photo Office. Feel free to drop an email or contact me in advance just in case I am away from the office.