Latte Art Knockdown at Kohi Yatta.

Last weekend, covering a very interesting event held at Kohi Yatta’s Horu (Hall). It’s a Latte Art Knockdown Competition organized by Kohi Yatta.

I arrive at the event a lil’ late. I missed phone alarm and it snooze for a good 1 hour until the organizer called me. Which sometimes I am very thankful with.

Everything went well at the end, arrive before the competition starts and during the competition break. I have a lot of time to photograph the surround and also few booths selling coffee’s stuff, matchas, cakes etcs.

The last time I photographed a long event was back in late 2011 for a government function. I don’t really like to photograph in a face pace because it did not give me the freedom to capture the image what I want.

But since this is an event organize by a friend of mine. Give it a try and help a brother out.
Indeed it is a very tiring work.

And this is the Champion of this year Latte Art :

Kohi Yatta is a very influence heavy on Japanese aesthetic, coffee culture, Fushion Food mixture on the western and also south east asian appearance. I’m not a coffee drinker but I do see a few packet of Fuglen Tokyo, a very well known small cafe somewhere in Yoyogi.

It’s located at Sungai Besi, 5 mins drive from either Chan Sow Lin LRT or Maluri LRT Station.
Do have a visit if you’re into that kind of stuff.