Fell in love with Hanoi

Even though my stay in Hanoi was brief, lasting just three nights, as I journeyed there to celebrate my friend’s wedding – a former colleague from our time together in Japan – the city quickly cast its enchanting spell on me.

Reuniting with my dear friends and colleagues from the Awaji Youth Federation (AYF) was the heartwarming highlight of my trip. Gathering with everyone brought back a flood of memories, as we shared laughter and stories from our time spent together in one place. The bonds we formed during those moments remain as strong as ever.

Among the cherished moments of my journey, a visit to the Museum of Ethnology stands out vividly. The museum served as a poignant reminder of the profound connections between the indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia. It humbled me to recognize that despite the passage of time, geographical boundaries, and divergent belief systems that emerged over millennia, we still share common threads. Motifs, designs, and textiles have transcended these differences, linking us in an unbreakable heritage.

Continuing my journey through the realms of art, I found myself at the National Museum of Fine Art. Here, my eyes were opened to the unparalleled richness of Vietnam’s Fine Art History. The museum’s exhibits eloquently narrated a tale of creativity, culture, and artistic legacy that I had not been fully aware of until that moment.

As the sun embarked on its slow descent, I embarked on a leisurely stroll towards the Old Quarters area. The seamless fusion of European architecture and the wafting aroma of street food created an utterly photogenic canvas that encapsulated Hanoi’s essence. Captivated by the scene, I decided to capture these fleeting moments through the lens of my trusted companion, the Fujifilm X-H2S.

With the memory of Hanoi etched in my heart, I’ve made a silent vow to return one day to this captivating land. And as I dream of my next adventure, the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City have already found their place on my radar.

Before I sign off, I invite you to enjoy the photographs I’ve taken during my sojourn in Hanoi. Each image captures a fragment of the city’s soul, a glimpse into the world that enamored me within those few days.