Life in Japan Update #01

I know, it’s been almost 2 months I didn’t update the Blog. Life is occupied with a lot of things but in March I travelled to Osaka at least every week.

Sometimes I am lucky to get a good deal to stay at a very good Hotel for a day or 2 for a very reasonable price. Sometimes I even get a half price to stay in a decent one like the photo on the right.

My Stays Hotel Honmachi-Osaka King Bedroom. 3
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It takes about 2 hours from Awaji Island to Osaka via Public Transport. The Bus Express from Ei, Awaji cost a bit high compare to from Kobe to Osaka although the length is almost similar.

From Ei, Awaji to Kobe Sannomiya, 1450yen.
While, Kobe Sannomiya to Osaka, only 310yen.

Found this Delicious Tonkotsu Ramen at the end of Shinsaibashi. Then a few hours later, a short break at San Marc Cafe for a cup of Milk Tea and Choco Parfait.

Osaka indeed a food capital for Japan. There’s a lot of choice you can try in 1 huge place before you can move on to other places to do other stuff.

Just a short update, before I end this post here’s a video I’ve uploaded on Youtube, enjoy!

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