I love this long quote thoughts from Matteo Ceschi.

Photography finds in its very function – to immortalise a precise instant and tell stories from a subjective point of view – the secret to expressing movement and feelings without them necessarily continuing to flow.

Photography freezes the moment and, rather than killing it, perpetuates it precisely because of its ability to freeze everything for an instant. its ability to freeze everything for an instant.

Photography is as ‘earthly’, ‘terrestrial’ and ‘passionate’ as it is ‘instantaneous’ and ‘dazzling’ like thunder or lightning: it excludes moments in favour of one chosen specific one.

It unites ‘what has been’ with ‘what will be’ through ‘what is’.
What happens in photography is, therefore, certainly real but, at the same time, is potentially imaginary: in a shot everything can still happen, and nothing has lost its intensity and identity.

A snapshot maintains the explosiveness of the moment in its first instant.

Photography, finally, has no defined geographies unless the photographer himself – who should never put his shots into words – or someone else to assign them with a precise purpose. For this reason it stands with all its static/fixedness, intensity and ‘subjective objectivity’ in the flow of events, ready to touch the hearts and minds of those willing to observe.

About Matteo Ceschi:
Matteo Ceschi is a street photographer, essayist, and freelance journalist from Milan. He has written and taken photographs for several magazines, exhibited his work in various locations, and collaborated with the Swiss newspaper La Regione. In 2020, he published a book called Note per salvare il Pianeta with VoloLibero Edizioni. He is also a member of f50/The International Photography Collective and has recently worked on projects with f/50 fellows and the Italian fashion brand Lucio Costa.

You can check his work and his blog here: https://tellingwithmyeyes.wordpress.com/.