Constant Lockdown and Uncertain Worry

Since the pandemic appears in March 2020. There’s a lot of uncertainty going on especially for those who constantly travel for work. Like my case, I can last for 10 years as a Photographer because of moving around big cities and getting the opportunity to photograph for a small or a big campaign, editorial, individual photoshoot.

Things have changed ever since, I’ve been stuck in my home for the longest time ever since high school. I can’t plan what I want to do with photography. Although I am fortunate enough to join Sabah Football Club to travel and document their matchday journey this year.

New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Besides that, stuck at home because most of the businesses were still close or closed down for good.

It’s an unpredictable time, everyone will get infected out of nowhere no matter how cautious you are especially those who travel a lot during this time.

Hermit life, almost.

I have to be patient and take this time to explore other genres of Photography and also rediscover my love of visual creativity, especially Design. I listen to a lot of podcasts about the Business side of it. Maybe in another year, unsure when I will be able to go out and take photos again.

Self Portrait

Anyhow, please stay safe and always be cautious with the people surround you wherever you are.

Photography for life.