Fujifilm X-System so far

It’s been more than a year I switched the Camera system from Canon to Fujifilm, X-series to be exact.

Fujifilm X-H1

I’ve been using Canon 5D Mark II for almost 11 years and sold everything and got myself a small Canon M50 mirrorless camera and not satisfied with the outcome. I did produce a few good photographs and videos during my 3rd short stint in Japan. I thought I will be doing another kind of creative related work.

Sold the M50 to a video editor when I’m back in Malaysia and got myself a Fujifilm X-H1 and started to use it when I travelled to Alor Setar when the state border open for a while before the massive 2nd lockdown resume again.

System Function wise. It is easy to adapt the function once I hold the camera in less than a day and what I love about Fujifilm is the colours selection (Film Simulation). One of the reasons why I chose X-H1 over X-T3 is the in-body stabilizer. Since I’m a hybrid shooter (Photo and Video), X-H1 is the right choice for me and the kit lens 18-55 F4 is sufficient enough for me to restart everything.

I didn’t take many photographs especially Portrait and Studio due to the Lockdown and Restriction. The only time I manage to had a Photoshoot with my camera is taking Portrait of Roosters Basketball Club and Sabah Football Club.

Sabah FC
Roosters BC

After the Photoshoot, I am fortunate to become Sabah FC’s Videographer where I will produce the Behind the Scenes series for every home and way match and that’s where I started to get more familiar with my X-H1 and know what is its capability.

Due to its in-built body stabilizer with another stabilize lens. I don’t need to worry about getting myself a Gimbal to ensure the video smoothly as long I don’t move much during the shooting process.

I love the classic chrome and cinematic film simulation and am able to preset the shadows and highlights on camera where I can do a slight minor adjustment on editing software. To be honest, I didn’t do much colour grading for most of my footage thanks to the film simulation.

Personally, I like the natural sharpness, the autofocus when activating the face tracker. With the latest firmware update on both camera and lens, the tracking system is getting better.

I am curious what kind of new function and will there be a new sensor type if Fujifilm decided to release an X-H2 in the future.

I am happy with the camera and excited to experiment more when the restriction is lifted and do some experiment portraits.
Recently I got inspired a lot by Leo Berne portrait work and thinking of doing something similar with it. It’s been a while I didn’t refresh new work since I decided to take a break in 2018.

Hopefully, I can stick with Fujifilm a little longer, I remember it was a tough decision when I decided to sell off all my Canon DSLRs and change to a whole new ecosystem. For a fresh start!

Do check out all the videos I produced for Sabah Football Club here and the 2 videos below is some of my favourites I captured with the X-H1.