The City I wish to live in forever but never fulfil.

Tokyo is the place I wish I can live forever. For those who have visited and fallen in love with the city. They want to experience living there too…

I am fortunate enough to live there on and off for 7 years, trying to make it happen to live longer and longer… But it never works out, the harder I try… the shorter my stay.

At least, I got the experience of not only living there but working as a Photographer for a Japanese Agency and Japanese clients.

Student Field Trip in Asakusa (Ricoh GR2)

The year I lived was in early 2010 until 2019, there’s a 2 years gap where I live between Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and travel frequently to Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei. I still got the chance to stay there twice a year for at least 3 months.

Every time during the 3 months stay, I try to get as many creative agencies to meet up and hope at least 1 of them is interested to work with me in order for me to expand my network in Tokyo.

Imagine the consistency you do but still cannot get any creative agency to work with you. While a random photographer from the western world (Caucasian or Asian) can get a rep once they landed in Japan without speaking the Japanese language.

It really broke my heart, to be honest, but even if I voice out, I knew no one is going to listen or understand the struggle I went through.

Shichi-Go-San Ceremony at Meiji Jingu.

I still didn’t give up until I got the opportunity to live and work again with a Working Visa but not as a Photographer. I thought this is it! Finally, I got the chance to live and work longer.

In less than half a year, hell break loose. And I’m now back in Malaysia with another full of disappointment.

Young lady standing in Harajuku

I am already running out of ideas on how I can stay and live longer and do the work I wanted to do. I lost my confidence and the will after the incident where I have to fly back to Malaysia with no proper plan.

And Covid-19 happens out of the blue…

Deep down in me, I still wish to live longer and take photographs of awesome adverts, Album Cover for musicians and taking beautiful places of Japan and create a photography series video for the photographer enthusiast to view online.

It’s been 3 years since I’m back and Covid-19 shuts the travel borders.
I do miss Japan dearly every day.