Photos from Sabah FC and 3rd Kit Release

Some of my favourite photos during the matchdays

It is very important to have your own voice as Photographer to freeze the moment you think is important besides taking photos of the action during the match. While Photo Editor for a news outlet or nowadays, Blogs only look for 1 or 2 photos. Editing the sequence into a storytelling photograph shows the behind the matches, the interaction and also emotions overall.

An iconic Photograph does not mean only 1 image. Iconic can mean a collective image that shows an impact that eventually in the future people remember the moment.

Lastly, the 3rd Kit Jersey for this season is one of a kind.

Sabah FC 3rd Kit

Manage to get one for me before the jersey got out of stock.

The match is currently in a long month break due to International Fixture. Training will go on as usual after one week’s break.

I’ll probably be visiting Melbourne just for a few days once I got the visa settled hopefully. It’s been 12 years since I didn’t visit that place. A city I used to call temporary home. Would love to see what’s the changes.