Silly Blonde Era 2010

During this COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, I am stuck in my home until the Movement Control Order lifted on the 9th June 2020 heading back to KL where I am currently based at working for a Start-up Medical Tech Company.

While working at home from 9 am to 6 pm, I spend move of my time either watching Youtube or check through all my old Photo Archives.

10 years ago to be exact, I dyed my hair to blonde for no reason. And from there onwards my hair slowly getting thinner and I lost almost half of it compare to right now. Indeed, it was a wrong move. 

Found a few interesting photos I took and it is a waste not to share my carefree era of Photography. This is the time where I graduated from RMIT and decide to move back to Malaysia after a long deep thought whether to stay in Australia or struggle in my own motherland.

Not an easy decision to be honest if I think back, but I made the right choice I reckon.

Without further ado, let the photos itself do the talk.

2010 was also the year where I got the chance to travel all across Sabah to document the Herbalist maker using a plant from the forest jungle. It’s the time where I witnessed┬áthe life of the mainly Dusun tribe. Another side of me that I have never experienced before.

Would love to share that image, it is an interesting time indeed how I got into becoming a Professional Photographer.