Seeing Life from a different perspective.

Last time I had a job interview was way way back in 2010.
After 9 months graduated from University.

During those 9 months, still able to make money. Thanks to everyone back in KK who refer me for a small job.

Tried applied for Government’s Photographer Position, you know parents wish I can get one for the retirement benefit. LOL
Got selected for the final exam, basically just a basic composition test. Too bad, I didn’t get selected.
Parents blame ‘connection’. If you’re wondering what department is it. RTM Sabah.

Finally, an open position for local online news. Got hired after 1st interview, although it didn’t last long and the company went kapish 2 years later. It was a fun journey working together with the journalist. Let’s say everyone is on the same page.

Now, for the first time in this 10 years journey.
Lots of things did not go well. Applied hundred of jobs application around Japan. So far, 20 application got rejected. Got invited to 8 interviews and meeting. Tomorrow will be the last 2nd one and next week will be the last one.

I am not sure what is the outcome.

Whether it is a good or bad result.
I remember the 1st interviewer 3 weeks ago told me I have lots of knowledge and vision what I want to do in life. It would be better for me to open my own agency with someone who is an expert on the Business side and I can focus on the creating side.

and also.
During this 3 months period, I lost a lot of privileges from cooking a good meal (eating unhealthy and instant food), taking a hot shower (cold shower every day), having a proper internet connection (no unlimited and always cap hours during active period) and the most important one is not having a good working desk to sit and work comfortably.

I can’t wait for that moment to earn back that everyday privilege again either finally got a job with a good salary or going back home start from zero commits until I got the result I want.

Sorry for being long-winded.
Just feel good to share about Life.
Remember, Life is all about learning and experience good or bad shit.