Polaroids before Instagram

On the previous post about Website revamp, I did mention about Instagram. How saturated is the platform for Photographer because it does not really show the truth of Photography.

While re-arranging my photo folder, and I’ve decided to purchase another External Harddisk where all my Photo Archives will be copied and transfer there as my secondary backup. I found a few Polaroid Scan in one of the folders I’ve been ignored for many years.

Empty Train from Frankston back to Melbourne CBD.
Huge Rubik Cube in a Cafe, nearby RMIT Main building.
RMIT University Main Building

Looking back at all the Polaroid reminds me of my life back in Melbourne, Australia.
Come to think of it, I have tons of enjoyable moment living as an International Student pursuing something that he loves. Coming from a small city where walking is uncommon with no interesting places.

Melbourne is indeed a majestic place for a person like me to explore around while taking photograph. I always envy places with 4 seasons because every season gives different lights and colours compare to where I’m from, tropical city.

Post Autumn somewhere in East Brunswick
Big Sis Mitch in the train
Priya during Malaysian Festival at Fed Square

I really love Polaroid back then, when I have extra money. I always top up at least 5-6 packs alongside 12 rolls of films. I still remember the final year where we’re given the freedom to use either Film or Digital SLR for our final year work.

I did at least 6 projects. 3 on Digital (with Giclee Print on Ilford Paper) and another 3 on Films (Analog Print on Harman Paper). In the end, after a long discussion with the lecturer, He advised me to show only 5 projects for the assessment because one of the projects on film the subject of Photography is not strong enough.

From my Bedroom, Sunset lights from main window.
Laundry Space
View of Melbourne CBD from Apartment.

After I completed my study and graduated. I decided to move back to Malaysia instead of staying back and live for a while.. I am very unsure back then whether I wanted to stay in Australia, I guess one of the main reason why I did not continue is the financial part. I am fortunate enough to have half scholarship supported from the state government and my parents paid another half of it.

I did ask my parents what if I want to stay longer after graduation looking for a job or start my career here but I need at least 6 months of financial support from them because everything settled down. Since I did not get a clear answer from my parents. 2 months after graduation, I bought a 1 way ticket back home.

For your info, I did get offer a TR (Temporary Resident) back then. I’m very curious what if I decide to stay there instead of moving back to Malaysia?

I wish there’s a parallels alternative time for me to see.