Kota Kinabalu or Tokyo? Choosing a Home for Flanegan B Studio.

For quite some time, I’ve dreamed of having a space of my own. A dedicated Photo Office and Studio to house my photographic prints, equipment, and books. My enthusiasm has left my bedroom in a state of creative disorder, having endured its impact to the fullest.

But where should this space be? I was torn between my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, and my dream locations: the outskirts of Tokyo or Seoul, or even Kuala Lumpur. After much consideration, I realized I could always move when the time is right. So, why not start in the city I call home?

Kota Kinabalu

Despite its modest size, is a city somehow on the rise. I believe there’s potential here, waiting to be tapped. And thus, I embarked on my search for the perfect space – preferably in the city centre or a little beyond, in Tanjung Aru.

Good luck was on my side when I stumbled upon an ideal real estate opportunity listed at a fair price. Upon visiting the location, I was immediately captivated by its charm and unique characteristics. It’s worth noting that it formerly served as my late-uncle’s office prior to the pandemic. May he rest in peace. 🙏

My Late-Uncle Company sign still intact.

I’ve committed and decided to rent the place for a year. We’ll see where this adventure leads.

While I eagerly prepare for the opening of ‘Flanegan B Studio‘ slated for July 2023, I can’t help but reflect on my journey. I once dreamed of becoming a well-known photographer in Japan and came close to achieving that dream. Although I had to return to Kota Kinabalu for family reasons, my experience in Japan proved invaluable.

Younger me, back in Tokyo, Japan.

One of my longstanding goals is to support young photographers in realizing their series projects. This dream is still a work in progress. Perhaps, once I reach a stage where I’m known for my lifelong dedication to photography, I’ll be able to create a grant to support local Young Sabahan Photographers in continuing their photography series.

Right now, my top priorities are fixing up the space and getting all the necessary equipment. Soon, I’ll be embarking on a new adventure this time, solely dedicated to the Art of Photography.