Japan Memoir #02

My first trip to Japan and the most memorable one until now is back in 2010 where I visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima and then Fukuoka for 15 days before heading back to Malaysia.

I only brought 1 camera, which is Ricoh GR II with me.

My already sold Ricoh GR II

2nd day in Tokyo.
Everything is still fresh and exciting to me. I can’t believe I am finally in Japan. The sense of achievement after knowing Japanese Photographer just via Photobook back in Australia. Every Photo has their own stories and I am now part of it and just waiting for the photographer to pass-by and hopefully got captured by them.

Have my breakfast I bought at 7-11, Melon Pan. Take a quick shower and I continue my journey from Asakusa, then Ginza and my last stop Shibuya for the Scramble Crossing.

Video from my old Youtube Channel

I fell in love in Asakusa in an instant. So hard to explain, I just love the old Edo Nakamachi town kind of vibe. The Sensoji Temple especially the highlights of the day and I spent the remaining day wandering around before I decided to take the Ginza line to Ginza in the late afternoon.

Here you go, 2nd part of Japan Memoirs 2010, enjoy :

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