Japan Memoir 2010 #03

Still wandering around Tokyo, this time to the west side of Mitaka to have an unexpected long visit Studio Ghibli.

After Studio Ghibli, an hour train ride including a Monorail Transfer to Tokyo’s Artificial Futuristic Island in Odaiba. Back then, I’m an avid fan of Japanese Variety show especially Mecha Ike.

After exploring around Fuji TV Building and their own museum. Went to Joypolis, an indoor theme park just a stone throw away from Fuji TV building.

I still remember that joy feeling, like finally I am in Fuji TV and witness the building itself where Mecha Ike do most of their shoot there. And also Studio Ghibli and saw a real-life size of Totoro. A 24 years old me, become so excited like a little kid.

That was 10 years ago, of course I don’t get the feeling no more.
But the memories is still fresh and every time when I look back at all this photos. It does refresh my memory in a good way.