Collaboration with Fujifilm X (Malaysia) under Sabah FC.

Yes, with the passion and will move forward to do better for the Football Club and also help from other contacts.

I am able to convince Fujifilm Malaysia to collaborate as their camera partner with Sabah FC for the whole football season of 2022.

I may not be their X-Photographer, probably will never be but having this kind of opportunity gives me the confidence I can do beyond Photography Business and branding collaboration besides just focusing on the Photography process itself.

Although I’m just a small fish in a big pond.
I hope with this partnership… This will give exposure to Fujifilm and their X System in the realm of Sports Photography.

I will be showcasing not only the dynamics and versatility of the camera. The function, film simulation and the jpeg quality after editing will be their plus point too.

It is going to be an exciting and also challenging time when you’re responsible to represent a certain brand for a year as an individual in the club.

I wish the team will be one of the most competitive teams for this season’s football with all the good quality players Sabah FC currently have right now.