Jersey Kit Photoshoot

1 month before the Football Season of 2022 begin, taking photos of all the players with the new jersey is the main priority because 2 weeks before the season starts there will be a Jersey Launching where the fans will witness and purchase at the same time.

Studio Equipment

Close Up Detail of Home and Away Jersey with interesting Emboss Logo.

View from Person Standpoint towards the camera.
View of the Setup from the side angle.

As usual, this is what my lighting setup will look like when it comes to a standard full body and also half body portrait. If I were in a bigger space, there will be some additional things added in. Due to the small space, I have to find a solution to get the result I want.

The majority of the photograph will be edited with different backgrounds for other usage marketing purposes. Since Photoshop improve their crop subject tremendously for the past 10 years. As long the background is clear and the colour is separated from the main object. You can change the background to different background in less than 2-3 minutes nowadays.

Since we’re photographing most of the players with the new jersey, it’s easy to choose randomly. At first, I’m planning to add everyone in 1 image but due to time constraints since I’m the only one doing the photoshoot include the editing.

Home Jersey for this season reminds me of the mid-2000s Arsenal Glorious Day with a modern touch of Logo placement in the centre of the chest, I believe inspired from the Iron Man itself.

I wish Sabah FC get the glorious charm from Arsenal FC. With a lot of Good Quality players. I hope it’s going to be a very competitive league for this season.

One Unique thing about Home Jersey is if you look at it closely, Linangkit Motif can be seen on both sides of the jersey. Which makes it uniquely Sabahan.

Very Unusual Blue this time, but with Batik Bayu Motif attached on Jersey. The materials of the cloth itself are very light with quick-dry technology.

1 more week to go before the 1st game starts. This time the 1st match will begin at home and also for the first time most of the match will start at 7.30 pm instead of 8.15 pm.

Too bad most of the football jersey doesn’t have my size and am not a keen collector of clothing.
At least I can brag to everyone that I took a photo of the Jersey campaign for Sabah FC.