They’re irreplaceable. I am replaceable.

Last night while entering Sabah FC’s locker room for the first time in 2023. There are a lot of new players sitting on a familiar bench, but it feels very unfamiliar at the same time. While the old players wish me Happy New Year and greet me as usual. The new players look at me wondering who I am.

I envy this kind of athlete not because they are mentally strong or physically strong.

I envy them because as long they perform well and are compatible with the coaching’s strategy. They are welcome to the team with a button for a call to an agent.

They got paid so well. They got covered by insurance if they got injured and recovered for a couple of weeks. They still get paid half of what they get. If they want to visit their hometown for a few days, they can claim travel expenses.

If they are not compatible with the team. Other teams will offer them during midseason because the coach believes the players are a suitable fit for the team.

Then I reflect on my situation where I’m part of the internal team. Still very important but it is not very critical. If you get what I meant~

I didn’t get paid well. If I get sick other people can replace me anytime. Whenever my camera breaks, the club doesn’t take responsibility and replaces me with another photographer. If I get into an accident, the club won’t provide coverage, and I will have to get premium insurance just in case terrible things happen. It does not matter how talented I am at capturing photographs that fans enjoy. It may have moved them to tears or they may have been taken by the photograph and downloaded it and turned it into the background of their phone.
To them, I am unknown.

I can be replaced easily. However, it is very difficult to find another team to join.

In the end, everything reverts to zero and you’re out of the circle. In contrast to the players, they always have a team no matter what happens.

I guess this is the life of a photographer.
Life of a Media Person, Life of an Artist.