2018 : Photographer without Camera.

A belated Happy New Year 2018.
Instead of going out and celebrate a new year with friends.
I ended up playing Cities Skylines for straight 12 hours.

Then I had a very productive straight 15 days of Photoshoot, small photoshoot thou. I’m happy it’s a good start but also at the same time, very sad with current market situation where price dumping is a common practice among client and also creative maker in Kota Kinabalu.

My Camera finally broke down after 9 years, suppose to get a new one 2 years ago but other matter happens and I have to use my extra cash to settle something more important. Thus, I’m out of extra cash to get myself a new camera.

I know.. it doesn’t make sense at all. I can swipe a credit card to get a new one and pay monthly installment or get a reasonable interest personal loan. I don’t have credit background, never had a credit card. I only have 1 complimentary under my Dad’s back in the university days.
The Bankers probably hate me if I go and approach them and say I need money! haha

I’m in Dilemma to be honest, but will find a solution in short time.
Thanks to a friend of mine, who have a camera but rarely use it. He lend it to me for a couple of weeks to complete a few booked Photoshoot until end of this month.

Then I have to return to him with his flavor. Maybe photograph something for him. It’s a great deal.

Might either get 5D Mark IV or 6D Mark II. Might lend this 2 unit from Canon Malaysia for a few days to decide which camera is suitable for me.

Beside that, I started painting and also creating a mobile apps for local community. Will discuss more into it once I’m done with the structure.

That’s all for now.
I’m looking for talent for portfolio update in Kota Kinabalu.
If anyone interested please feel free to contact me via my Instagram.