Year 2005, 14 years ago.

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2005, I was 19 years old. I had my first digital camera with SLR function. I remember it was Kodak.
The powerhouse of Photography back then, before DSLR is still new and unknown to any professional photographer.

I was a skater. No, an Inline Skater to be exact. I suck at it but the reason why I love because of the community. I love to hang out with them, love to skate around with them and also this is the time where I fall in love with Photography.
I am also an avid watcher of Skate and Music Documentary.
I still remember I ripping CD online because back in the days it was hard to find or the CD shop jacked up the price a lot that I can’t afford to get one.

In late August, where everyone is still care-free from commitment. I and gang of B3 (Blade, Bike and Board) will meet up 2-3 times a week skate around Kota Kinabalu and I manage to capture a few footages.

The first video software I’m learning back then was Sony Vegas. Internet was slow and there are no tutorials online.
Everything is fresh and naive, the Internet is just a mere Entertainment like Friendster or Geocities.. mIRC or MSN Messenger back then.. oh wait, and ICQ. I had my first internet crush back then, I still have no clue how she looks like.. but I’m willing to stay late at night just to chat with her. I only know that she’s American, from a state called Boston.

Streamyx still fresh, everyone has their phone with 5mp camera behind. Smartphone hasn’t existed but there’s a PDA phone with pen and pixelate screen. My dad has it and he’s very proud to have one.

Can’t believe this video itself brings back tons of memories of how Digital is changing and now rapidly changing people’s lives and creating a digital culture where everyone shares the same value.

1st November to be exact, 2005. I register a Youtube account and upload my first ever Video. Skate Documentary video entitled “B3 United 2005”.
Burn my video into CD, 100 pieces of it.
It takes 1 week to complete and pass it to all the skaters for free.

You know who’s your demographic back in the days. I still remember I send an email to now-defunct skater news and decide to share the video to their audience. That was like the most exciting moment because the other side of the world is watching my video.

How was your 2005?