What happens to the Creative Industry during COVID-19 Pandemic and after the post-pandemic?

I have the feeling the Creative Industry will be surging during this pandemic and beyond.
I might be wrong too.

What happens to the Creative Industry during COVID-19 Pandemic and after the post-pandemic?

So What if it really happens that the Visual Creative Industry is surging upon the Post Pandemic of Covid-19?

Of Course, it is a good thing for us. Finally, everyone started to appreciate how important is creativity in all forms, especially Visual Creative.

But We Creative/Artist need to do some minor adjustment in how we survive and make a living. We shall not relax for now.

Learn business basics
Lots of free online resource you can learn online for 2 hours minimum or beyond that. Separate your personal account and your work account. 
Get used with Automation for your Digital Marketing. Spend straight 2-3 days to come up with marketing materials? But always missed out when to post it? Take advantage of the automation option. Set your marketing materials certain date in-advanced for 1 – 2 weeks. Leave a few days gap to examine whether the content still relevant or not.

Financial Status
It is time to build that 3 to 6 months of financial backup. Why? We learn a lot of business SME doesn’t have that back-up during this pandemic. Let’s learn that mistake and put into our shoes. Do not feel comfortable with the situation where we are fully booked for the next few months and used it as forecast finance. This will never work any more after what happened with this pandemics and lost the forecast in the air. I know it’s good to have a financial assistant or financial support from the government but… Cash is still the king. $$$

Downsizing some equipment and things we don’t really need. We are living in an era where good quality doesn’t need to be big anymore. I sold everything and downsizing my equipment and so far the quality remains the same, or some better when certain brand improved their sensor ability into a small body. Some mid-range smartphone allows us to edit RAW file image too. Of course, we still need a decent laptop/desktop with a proper 90% Adobe RGB screen if we got awarded to photograph a big campaign. 
At the end of the day, Equipment is just a tool. And Downsizing doesn’t mean you are downgrading your professional equipment. You know what is best for you in all kind of situation.

Instant Graphic Design Template for Marketing Materials
Get used with instant graphic design tools as your promotion marketing tools such as Adobe Spark or Canva. A sudden change of mind after you saw a recent spike unique visitor or message from a prospect? Use Spark or Canva as your quick promotion materials. Don’t have that time? You just need a few minutes to come up with one good promo image and you’re good to do.

Don’t stress out.
Think of this 2 and half months MCO as a break and also think of it as a moment to be thankful to our mother nature how we take the environment for granted. Also, take this moment to reflect ourself. How we act and how we treated outsiders. How good or how arsehole is we.

When everything is lifted, the new world order will start and it is time we take action after 2 and half months break of self-improvement. 
Always remember, You’re the best!