I am officially moving to Japan to be part of Fellowship of a Global Revitalization Program for a Rural area in Kansai area.

But before that, I decide to booked a direct flight to Tokyo for a day. Because I want to visit Shibuya to check IZ*ONE Official Popup store.

The first place am heading is 109 Mens just across Shibuya Station. On Rooftop you’ll get to see whole view of Shibuya and outdoor photo gallery of IZ*ONE.

After enjoying the view of Urban Shibuya. Just 1 stairs down is 109 Magnet where all the food court located where all the WIZONE will hangout, order drinks specially made for WIZONE.

When you order drinks display on any food store with IZONE logo, which cost 650yen per drink. You’ll get a Coaster for every order.

Tried my luck 4 times. At the end, I got 2 Yujin Coaster, Chaeyeon and whole group.

Once mm happy with the drinks and purchase. Before heading to the Main Shibuya 109. Decide to drop by Tower Records because I saw there’s a mini section where they showcase IZ*ONE Tees with all the members sign.

After wandering around Tower Records. Final destination is Shibuya 109 where the main popup store held on the 6th Floor.

The moment once I reach on 6th floor is like the Joy I’ve never had for quite sometimes. I know, fanboy *wink*.

Bought 1 File, 1 Batch and 1 Keychain. Total cost 2000yen.

Then I decide to wander around to take some random photos before heading back to Chofu where I’ll stay for a night.

At the end, I think I spent almost 5000yen which is very reasonable for a fan like me. 

Hopefully within this 3 years in Japan. I hope I have the chance to go to their concert and also their high give event.

Since I will be based in a Rural area, 40mins drive to Kobe.

I got Hyewon for the mini file holder, Minju for the Batch and Chaeyeon for the keychain.

Once I settle everything in Awaji. I will share about what’s my plan and also what kind of job am currently doing.

Are you a fan of IZONE?