Ricoh GR3 Snap #05

After strolling around Dongdaemun in the middle of the night after arrived Seoul on the first day. I didn’t do much on the 2nd day due to the weather. It was raining heavily and I decide to wander around Yeuido’s shopping mall nearby.

A day after, the weather is back to normal so head to Hapjeong and walk all the way to Hongdae. Before heading there, drop by the nearest Isaac Toast to have my brunch before I start my journey of the day snapping photos.

I am glad that Ricoh do release the X version where the focal length of the lens is a little bit compact compared to the standard version. Sometimes I do struggle with the standard 28mm and hope to capture some moments and scenes around 35mm-40mm.

Having the in-body stabilization for a steady shot at night is also a compliment for a small compact camera to ensure the users get a sharper image.

It was a fun walk around Hapjeong / Hongdae area amidst a lot of changes after Covid-19.
And fewer people due to weekdays compare to the time I came back in 2018 on the weekend, with a lot of performances on the pavement and people. A little sad that my favourite Bibimbap restaurant Bibili is already closed down for good.