Ricoh GR3 Snap #06

The weather is getting colder, the clothing is getting thicker. After staying at Conrad Seoul for 3 nights, it is time for me to move to another Hilton branch in Seoul. Located in the central, Millenium Seoul Hilton.

This month will be the last month to operate under Hilton before another brand takes over the hotel in January 2023. The only cons of the hotel are located on the hilly side of the city. Steep hilly road amidst just 200 meters away from Seoul Station. I almost kill myself and realize why I’m the only one wandering around and walking uphill.

Once check in to the hotel, drop my luggage and head to Gyeongbukgong Palace, visit a few Art Galleries around the area (Gukje, Hakgojae, MMCA) and Bukcheon Hanok Village. Decide to walk up hill all the way to the top of Bukcheon and get to see the beautiful sunset from the peak.

Is it worth it? Yeah~~ with a cup of Hot Chocolate before I almost freeze my finger trying hard to press the shutter of the camera. I do enjoy the moment alone on top of the hill before walking back down and thinking about what to eat for dinner.

I ended up going for Mom’s Touch, before heading back to the Hotel and suffering the steep hill again.

Besides the suffering of walking almost 4-5km a day and walking up the steep hill. I do enjoy my trip this time. Just walk, snap photos and think about Photography.

I wish I can continue this way, but I have to find a way how to get paid to survive. Once I reach back home, I give myself 2-week break and plan what is my next move. I lost my remote full-time job, thus almost half of my income was gone and I also spent all my savings on my Fashion Label Walai Opurak.

It was a bold move for me to use all my savings for the fashion brand. And suddenly lost my full-time job in between. Basically a pathway to bankruptcy and being homeless. No matter how educated, how well prepared in this modern society.

If you are stuck in a cycle where there’s no access to move to another level. You’ll basically remain in the same place. Unless, someone.. or somebody saw your work and introduce you to the gatekeepers and suddenly got invited to the 10% club.

A little bit of long winded blog this time. Hope you enjoy all the photos were taken with Ricoh GR3, really grateful to Futuromic Malaysia for lending me the camera for a run shot.

More to come!