Ricoh GR3 Snap #12

After wandering around Ginza in the noon, took the Ginza line at Kyobashi Station to Asakusa. When I visited Tokyo for the first time back in 2010, I visited Nakamise Street and Senso-ji Temple.

Still has the same charm, locals and tourists still enjoy wandering around taking photos and praying for good things. Do the Omikuji to get rid of bad luck.

Let’s say If I am a well-established Photographer. Have an abundance of wealth and afford to buy a home in Japan. I will definitely buy a house around this area. I love Shibuya and Harajuku, but when it comes to living off from work, Shita-machi vibes in Asakusa are the place.

Too bad, it is just a dream. I am a nobody and not a well-known Photographer although I am one of them for almost 10 years and still surviving. It is hard to get attention when every joe or jane can do any content and understand how the algorithm works.

After Asakusa, I just take the Toei Subway all the way to Yokohama and have catch-up dinner with my ex-colleague we used to work in Awaji Island.

That’s how I ended up on my 2nd day in Tokyo. Revisit all the places where I used to hang out. Deep down in my heart, I wish I can stay longer but this time the clock is ticking no mercy. I have to enjoy every bit of the time.