Ricoh GR3 Snap #10

Finally, We’ve reached the Ricoh GR Snap Part 10 series. Thanks to Futuromic for lending the camera for this healing trip.

Last day in Busan before heading to my so-called past-life home, Tokyo.

Woke up very early and took a metro to Jagalchi Station to have fresh seafood for brunch. Since I’m alone and indulge in almost 2-3 person meals, I take my time to enjoy the food. Walk around to BIFF Square and had a quick stop at a cafe and waiting for the bus heading to Gamcheon Cultural Village.

Once I see the bus on the app arriving at the bus stop nearby the cafe I hung out. It is a really steep hill heading all the way up to the village. Took about 15-20 minutes to arrive and you’ll see the beautiful colours of the housing from the other side of the village.

Started from the other side, decide to walk all the way up to the opposite and enjoy from another view. The sun is slowly setting and you can see the sunshine directly from the ocean side. In a glimpse, you feel like you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean places for a while.

After the sunset at Gamcheon Village, I take my time and walk all the way down to the nearest bus stop and head back to Gukje Market at night, dropped my phone and accidentally destroy the screen protector. While waiting for the staff, instead of heading back home. Decide to head to another part of the town, Somyeom to see what’s happening. Nothing much around there and I didn’t take out my camera because nothing interesting spot to photograph.

Ended my day at 8 pm, and decided to do last-minute laundry. Head to the airport around 9 am the next day. Manage to exchange some of the Won for Yen and arrive in Tokyo around 2.30 pm.

That’s how I ended my South Korea trip at Busan, departing with Jeju Air. South Korean Budget air is on another level, the seat very spacious compared to Air Asia and the deal includes 15kg luggage is very competitive with Jin Air and Air Seoul which I previously flew with before.

Hope you all enjoy the trip and the next one will be only 2 parts of me in Tokyo.

If you like some of the photos and would love to own them in an A4 or A3 Print or even in T-Shirt, hit me up and will work things out.