Ricoh GR3 Snap #07

Fun Day around Myeongdong area, this time with a friend of mine who just arrives in Seoul. Woke up early to enjoy the sunrise and then have a complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Relaxing for a few hours, then receive a message from my friend that they already arrive in Seoul. Give me time to prepare and then rode a bus to Myeongdong.

Had lunch at one of the well-known Kalguksu restaurants in the heart of Myeongdong and then basically just wandered around, visiting cafes until night time and finally had Jokbal for dinner.

Always fun to hang out with hometown friends outside of the home.

Having the Ricoh GR3 as my main camera is already a habit for me to take out from my pocket and capture something interesting I see before I placed it back in my pocket. This is the best way to capture your daily moment and share it with everyone either on Social media or personal blog like me.

It’s gonna be interesting how the photo turns out if I select 10 photos and edit the arrangement on the wall.

I just need a wall, proper one to showcase like a gallery.

Anyway, the Hot Chocolate at Cafe Libre is delicious. I will definitely go back and order that again.
As usual, Jokbal in South Korea always tastes heavenly. No Regrets!