Random Photo #03

I realize most of the active days I go out and take photo is when I was in KL for a short business trip or with the Football Team.

I’ve been photographing KK a lot for the past 20 years until I cannot think of what kind of imaginary I want to take anymore.

And I tend to stay at home a lot working on other works in front of the Desktop, mostly web design and also procrastinating on watching vlogs or documentaries on Youtube.

I’ve been into Saul Leiter and Fan Ho’s Iconic work lately and I imagine myself why they photograph and what they think during that time.

Will see how it goes…
And I’m thinking of getting the Sigma’s 50mm. Maybe in November or December once the football season is done.

I dearly miss taking photographs every day come to think of it.

There’s one of those days where you suddenly think back to my most active time where I have a lot of photo works and assignments whether in a studio taking portraits or products and then outdoor on buildings, interior and portraits for an editorial.

I suddenly yearn for it…