Playing with Insta360 RS One

I’ve been playing around with Insta360 RS One Camera and posted some of the images on the 360 platform image site.

It was fun and I always tried to do it with my DSLR back in the days and did not manage to stitch all the images to get that 360 looks. I remember when I got an assignment by a real estate company to do almost 20 of their completed building in Kuala Lumpur back in 2017 but I didn’t have the equipment to do so and had no choice but to say no to the project.

Ricoh had the 360 functions but man… I still remember how expensive it was today with all sorts of cameras below RM5k available to use. I decided to get myself the all-in-one action camera, The Insta360 RS One.

Although I didn’t get the quality image I want it’s a good starting point for me to play around for fun. Maybe a small real estate agent/company keen to have some of their important estates to do 360 virtual tour for their future perspective.

I’m using the free version platform on Kuula right now. There are not many functions I can use but at least you can drag your mouse to see the 360 images or move your smartphone around like virtual reality.

Embed below:

And also Vlog fully captured on Insta360, the lay way to capture everything and chose the right angle for the right moment.