Photography always fun.

Studio Photography sometimes can be challenging.

It’s like a mixture of Maths, Science and Art.

Now I understand why back in early 1900, Photography are part of Science instead of Art and Creative.

It is still relevant till now, Digital age. 

It requires a lot of common sense of physics and also numerate exposure of lighting stop to determine how are you gonna light up your subject, how are you going to separate the background.

Besides that, you need to aware of whether to keep the detail on the skin by moving the main light a few meters further from the subject or nearer.

Lost of brightness? There’s always a reason why sometimes you see a huge production photoshoot brings a lot of reflectors, diffuser. That’s where all the magic happens, to increase the harshest light or making it look soft.

Photography is not just taking photos. Requires a lot of thinking before everything begin behind or in front of the camera.

That’s what makes me love photography and how I ended up become a Photographer as a whole.

Photographer basically a Problem Solver in all kind of form from Creative to giving encouragement confident to subject and lastly having fun with everyone.