Personal Photobook Journey

Everyone knows Photography is a proper job mostly through a wedding photographer or someone who own a photography studio where you can get your proper family portrait photo taken.

Although I’ve been taking Photos with camera since 2005 but I discover my interest in Photography through Photobook when I was in London in 2006.

Long story short, my European trip inspired me want to be a Photographer.

Photography constantly changing how the way we showcase our work. From a small print on the glass to a normal paper and finally, we have a photo paper that can last a little longer. Of course, in today’s world. Everything is on monitor or smartphone screen. The pixels screen finally replacing the emulsion print.

As a Photographer, I always believe Photobook is an important part of the assets beside prints. Yes, I do have tons of prints with me. I will talk about it in the future.

Seeing your photographs printed on a book with a proper visual story sequence give you the emotion of the journey while holding the texture of the paper while flipping each page one by one.

So far, I personally created 6 Photobooks for my own.
2008 – Forgotten Town
2009 – Anima
2010 – My Journey
2012 – Photo Portfolio
2017 – Portraits
2020 – Japan Memoirs 2010

Anyhow, Forgotten Town and Anima is available for sale via Amazon just incase someone is interested.

I’ll continue producing my own photobook as long the resource is still available and I’m planning to start my project once the pandemic becomes less threatening.

I will travel across my own place for a couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to document and capture the current existence of each places and the people.

Will talk more once I’m prepared to share the whole detail.

Stay safe everyone!