Personal Folio : Session with Kimberly Vung.

I always looking for talent around Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu to update my portrait folio. A friend of mine who’s a part-time Instagram stalker (I know~) recommended me to contact Kimberly via her instagram. Usually it takes 3-4 attempt to get response from the other side if they are interested with collaboration.

Somehow, it only takes 1 attempt to got her response which I am really appreciate that kindness.

Anyway, she’s a 2016 Miss Sabah Tourism and does has a lil’ bit of resemblance of Park Ji-Won from Fromis_ and Kizaki Yuria, former AKB48 member. Struck me a lot of times when I photographed her in certain angle because of that.

Photos below, enjoy :

For this Photo Session I chose south side of KK CBD, another open rooftop carpark. Let’s say my other open studio.

After a few shots on the rooftop, decide to wandering around shop lots and walkway to try something different. Very reportage aesthetic kind of photograph.

Once done, decide to move onto different location for different look.

If you’re happen to read this diary and live in Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Lumpur . And know someone who has the cute factor. Do introduce me and I would like to photograph them.

I will post a few on my Instagram and please do share this diary blog and also my Instagram account to your friend.

If you’re interested to follow Kimberly’s Instagram, do visit her as she have tons of followers for a small city, that’s Kota Kinabalu.