Personal Folio : Fun Day with Emily.

Finally, I got the time to select and edit the photos after sudden packed schedule for the past 4 weeks.

Spend half day with Emily on the central part of Kota Kinabalu CBD to take some reportage portrait style or something similar like in Japan where they photograph Actor/Actress or Idol and compile into Photobook (写真集).

Here are the final selection, there’s more interesting photos but will save that for last. Maybe after I photographs more than 10 interesting beautiful people in KK, a photobook will be made?

Then, we’re heading down wandering around nearby shop lots to take a few shots.

If you’re happen to read this diary and live in Kota Kinabalu . And know someone who has the cute factor. Do introduce me and I would like to photograph them as part of my portfolio.

I will post a few on my Instagram and please do share this diary blog and also my Instagram account to your friend.