My Photo featured on Guardian

As part of new member and relaunch of Indigenous Photograph from Native Photograph originally.

The Guardian published an article about how Indigenous Photographer has been documenting the life of theirs and also what it is like being a photographer out from the common mainstream.

It was a great effort and also a best way to showcase Photographer from Indigenous Background, the best way to describe I found on Twitter.

Decolonizing Visual Culture

It is indeed very hard to get the attention from the media, agency and publishing house when there’s double standard in the industry.

I still remember when I was in my final year, very hyped up upon graduation what I want to do as a Photographer and there’s this wake-up call when all the photographer you idolized are the Caucasians, from the west and even your own comrades back home preferring the others than your own people. It is hard to educate their mind and change their mentality that in this modern world everyone is basically equal. The sense of inferiority will always stuck deep in them. Can’t blame, that is the fact.

With this kind of Platform, I wish there will be more opportunity for individual like us got the chance to showcase their work more often.

This is the link of The Guardian featuring Indigenous Photographer from all around the world. >

Have a good day and stay awesome!