My Last Film Roll

This is basically my last roll of B&W Film brought from Australia in 2009 before I am fully switching to Digital.

Kind of sad but that is the reality of ever-evolving Photography world. The sensor is getting better, Film Emulsion can be easily imitate using Presets Software and the irony of all.

No matter how good is your camera. Most people will never print their photograph. For me personally, this is very sad.

The emotion of looking the photograph into a piece of paper and holding it with the touch of paper texture is very different than seeing it on the phone screen.

I personally developed the film at home by myself, I found this video on my file archives and I think it is a waste not to show my 10 years old vlog, I can’t believe I started vlogging back in early 2000.

Yes, that’s me with my Blonde Hair.

I believe the film roll is somewhere in my cupboard.

Come to think of it, Kota Kinabalu does change a lot for the past 10 years.
A well-balanced city turned into a unbalanced due to different development.

And I feel like 10 years is a short time, just like a blink of an eye.
A new era has passed by with nothing interesting to show.

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