My First Photo Assisting job in Tokyo with Hiraga Masaaki.

It’s been 6 years, that I last met Mr Hiraga when he gave me an opportunity to work as his assistant as my first related photography job in Japan. Although it didn’t long last, due to I just move to Japan like a week later with a very limited Japanese language capability during those days.

It only last for 10 days.
10 days, but somehow he remember me until now. He thought I’ve worked for him for a long time. Maybe because I assisted him during peak season. From Photographing a Talent in Kimono, renewing model’s profile in the middle of Gotanda’s river and also helping him cleaning up the studio and the… toilet. haha And, I lost one of his Polaroid print in the middle of nowhere.

So, he send a message and ask me whether I have time to meet him. It’s like 8pm and the place I live is just 1.2km away to his photo studio. I took a taxi which is cost 650yen and the feeling of nostalgia came back.

It was great catching up with him. I still remember I can’t talk much 6 years ago due to my insufficient vocabulary in Japanese. In this short catch-up we manage to have a long chat about everything. I guess without his opportunity working as his photo assistant for just 10 days. I guess I will just stuck in Language school for a year and do nothing to further my photographic career in Tokyo.

Here’s a Behind the scenes of Mr Hiraga Photographing me randomly :

That’s all and stay tune on Two Mountain post soon!