My Current Situation in Japan.

Shibuya Crossing

It’s been an up and down journey. I will rather be saying roller-coaster journey for me since 2017.

I still remember in 2017, moved to KL and did not manage to land a single job and almost become homeless. My senses come back and decide to move back home before things went really bad. The only lost from that experience is I didn’t get back my rental deposit payment back.

But what I learnt from that interesting time is sometimes no matter how hard you try to show what are you capable of. People who don’t know you will be blinded because they only want to see what they believe in.

2018 was a comeback year for me because I manage to land a few commercial jobs. I wanted to establish my own media company at that time but when I saw an opportunity to move to Japan. I applied and didn’t expect I got accepted. I also found someone whom I really loved and I thought we will be having an interesting journey together, but things ain’t went well and I went back being Solo before I begin my new journey in Japan.

Awaji Island

So I am in Japan, working in a very diversity colleague all over the world in Awaji Island finding a solution to come up with an idea where we can revitalize the region to become a better place.

The program doesn’t really match with my goal and most of the authority doesn’t see my value and at the end, the project that I believe will work got disbanded and I got assigned to a new team which I personally not into it, but I still love my colleague :P.
I don’t want to talk bad about it but I am really thankful for the opportunity. Due to different value and direction. I decide to quit the program and ready to honor and commit working for a friend of mine after we discuss back and forth about me handling the Creative Media side of their upcoming business venture.
And now, almost 2 months and I am stuck in Tokyo. Promises get broken, communication did not go well I got offer a job that doesn’t bring me value, doesn’t give me experience for my future to have my own media company.

Tokyo Sky

Somehow I understand why he changes his mind out of the blue, which for me personally is already a no-no after all the promises conversation we had for months. It’s more on following the Japanese tradition and rules that should be kept. I wish there’s more relevant and more human value on that side.

I know, if I accept the job just for the sake to continue living in Japan. It won’t work due to the job I do will never make me happy and I know I will never produce a good result and feel demotivated all the time and wish the clock tick at 6 pm, or Japanese working culture at least 8 to 9 pm. The only satisfaction I got at the end of the day is when I finish my work but not during my work.

Rather than doing the same mistake and losing my face after a few months or 1 year of working. I prefer to say No than being more apologetic later on.

Shibuya 109

I have 2 interviews next week. And already send at least 120 resumes to a few companies who are looking for Creative Director, UI/UX Design, Photographer and Filmmaker.

I give myself a month deadline if I didn’t get the job I want to work and learn and be part of it. While completing some of my freelance job, by early November.

I am humbly defeated in Japan and will establish my own media business. Creating and produce as many contents as I can up to 1000 hours of short film, vlogs, series and 100 hours of podcast and 100000 words of articles blog online.

More update soon..