Motion Diary 6 : Rainy Day Tokyo

I know i’ve been away from this blog because I’ve focus too much on Facebook and Instagram.

I have to admit, it does suck off my soul and also my energy. It’s 2019! and I have decide to deactivate both Facebook and Instagram to minimalize my Digital intake.

For now, I will be update everything on this Blog (which I called Diary). Youtube for Videos and Twitter.

I’ve posted this video last November on my sudden trip to Japan/Korea.

It’s Autumn and Rainy Season due to typoon so I can’t go out too much during my 10 days visit but I try to make my time and enjoy every second of it.

Tokyo, for my is like home. It helps me to understand more what’s Humility and also the bad and good side of Humanity.

Enjoy the video above and starting now I will post more on this Diary for sure.

Happy Belated New Year from me 🙂

Monzen Nakacho
Shrine's in Monzen Nakacho

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