The architecture of Leeum Museum of Art with the Fujifilm GFX 50SII

Wasn’t planning to visit Itaewon part because of the tragedy but I change my mind when I found out how simplistic beautiful is the Leeum Museum of Art with the Art Installation outside of the building.

The bus stop in front of the hotel has a direct stop to the Leeum Museum of Art, without hesitation. After breakfast, take a bus ride and a few minutes walk. I’ve arrived at the place. I am glad the day is clear with a very beautiful oceanic blue sky.

Leeum Museum of Art is located in a very quiet neighbourhood area on a hilly side. After wandering around and visiting the museum. Decide to walk all the way to the Tragedy places, you can see the previous post here I captured with the Ricoh GR3 camera.

After spending some time in Itaewon, decide to take the subway and eventually stopped at Dongdaemun, having my dinner there at Gwangjang Market. Long walk via the Cheonggyecheon River all the way to the City Hall area. Decide to hold the GFX with me and capture a photo with it.

Feeling full and tired after a long walk. Went to the City Hall bus stop where there’s a bus will stop in front of the hotel. Take a long warm shower after a long cold day and enjoy my favourite Chilsung Soda and after that have a good rest.

I’ll be heading to Busan the next day via KTX from Seoul Station.