Before this Abandoned building become a famous graffiti spot

I remember when I started a movement where people are not interested in it because it is not trendy at that time or no one is into Art at that time.

They say I might be the early pioneer Photographer who did this, basically showcasing my work on the street.

This was in 2010, I did something different.

Instead of having a Photo Exhibition in Art Galleries. I decided to showcase some of my selected work outdoor. In an abandoned place where Graffiti artist will create something on the wall.

If they can do it, why I can’t do it right?
and it is free by the way. I just need to spend a few Ringgit to print a few photos and masking tape on Daiso.

Will I do this again?
Maybe, I am interested in showing my work in projection format somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Which mean, I need to go out and find the best spot and decide which spot I shall do.

And there’s tons of Independent Cafe around Kota Kinabalu. I can approach them and ask whether they are interested to have a Photography Showcase for a week or two at their empty wall.

Video captured with Blackberry Phone Camera

Will see…